DART 491/1B (G-Unit)

October 3, 2009


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1. Lisa is proud of the fact that she is a great multi-tasker — she’d have to be, putting in minimum sixty-hour work-weeks. The late-twenty-something parent of a six-year-old son, she is a rising star at a major law firm in Montreal, and often does pro-bono work for organizations supporting women in need. She also finds time to write movie reviews (under a pseudonym) for one of the city’s free downtown newspapers. Having graduated only a few years ago, and only recently paid off her student loans, she lives in a modest one-bedroom apartment in a nondescript high-rise. She gave her son the bedroom; her “desk” is actually the unfolded sofa bed in which she sleeps, in the living room.

Lisa’s best work happens in the middle of the night when she stacks her pillows against the wall behind her, leans back on them, and works with her laptop on her lap. Thing is, she needs some sort of support on which to place the laptop, and — very important — this support has to allow her to eat sustaining but sometimes drippy late-night snacks while doing banal things such as checking her email. Not only does the keyboard have to be protected from the mess, but so does the area between Lisa and the computer.


+ culture/lifestyle : workoholic? work as passion?



+precedent studies (laptop tables, side tables, night stands, kid’s tables)

+domestic designs (layouts)

+related fields (Bedroom, hospitals, airplanes, schools…)

+design assembly (eco-materials, “ikea”)

+health issues (postures, tips)

+value & sentiment objects

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